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However, these are not the professional truths that matter most about us.

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Why wait until you have hired the high achiever to fully understand them? It’s not merely that they have accomplished standout results before, it’s how they did it that matters the most.

It’s time to add a section to Resumes titled: “In The Arena.”

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Inspired by the famous Citizen in a Republic speech by Theodore Roosevelt from 1910, where he said:

Tell the story of achievements, where you have shown: integrity, a strong work ethic, courage, humility, and grace to achieve the blowout sales increases, standout Series A raises, and epic new product launch responses.

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We have all read and heard the research. People don’t leave jobs; they leave bosses. People also leave arenas where too many sit on the sidelines.

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It’s time we emerge from 1994, expand our professional narratives to include the context surrounding why and how we achieved what we have, because of who we are.

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